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Key Trends in Data Protection and Recovery According to Veeam

Author: Talabuyev Y.

Veeam has prepared a report on “Trends in Data Protection,” surveying over 1200 IT directors and implementation specialists. According to one of the leaders in backup software development, 85% of companies note discrepancies between the data they can restore and what needs restoration, considering the specifics of business processes. Simultaneously, budgets for data protection are increasing (+6.6% in 2024), leading to growth in the global backup software market, which according to IDC, is expected to increase by 5.4% annually.

We have compiled the main points from Veeam’s report on backup and data recovery so that you can draw important conclusions and better understand your organization’s data protection needs.

Emergency Recovery Trend. Source: Veeam

2024 Could Be the Year of Role Changes

By the end of the year, over 47% of IT leaders and data protection specialists plan to change jobs and roles. The main reasons include lack of necessary skills and opportunities to acquire them, consequences of cyberattacks, and lack of management support in adapting data protection strategies to new realities.

Colobridge’s Expert:

“The loss of skilled professionals will have a negative impact on the entire company. One way to address this situation could be through collaboration with BaaS and DRaaS service providers. While remote backup storage and IT infrastructure recovery platforms won’t solve the staffing issue directly, they do provide essential technical support. With services like Backup as a Service, Colobridge customers utilize Veeam tools to automate backup creation and transfer to our secure facility in Germany. Additionally, we assist in selecting optimal backup parameters tailored to the business’s needs and budget, as well as provide solutions for other technical and organizational challenges.”

Priority on IaaS and SaaS Protection

The use of outdated backup methods results in incomplete backups or data loss during restoration. Many IT directors are now focusing on workloads hosted in public clouds (IaaS) and data from SaaS services, whose numbers are steadily increasing. According to Productiv, the average number of these applications in small and medium-sized businesses exceeded 370 by the end of 2023.

Combating Ransomware

IT directors view enhancing the reliability of backups as a crucial method for ensuring cyber resilience, especially given the rise in ransomware incidents. According to a report by NTT Security Holdings, the number of extortion-related incidents increased by 67% in the past year alone. Ransom payouts reached $2.73 million, with the average ransom amount increasing by 500% over the year!

Data Protection in Hybrid and Multi-Cloud Environments

Data protection has been termed modern/innovative in recent years if it can be implemented across various cloud scenarios. The required level of security must be maintained even after IT workloads are migrated from one cloud to another.

Microsoft 365 Data Protection

More than 74% of Microsoft 365 users now take additional data protection measures, compared to just 27% four years ago and 47% two years ago, who relied solely on built-in features like the Recycle Bin. Only 4% of respondents believe that Microsoft 365 is fully resilient and does not require additional backup tools, contrary to the recommendations in Microsoft’s own guidelines for the application.

Container Backup

For the third consecutive year, more than half of respondents indicate that they are already using container technology, with another 30% planning to start in the near future. However, only one in four companies protects containers using specialized tools, and backups are mainly created for the base storage and database components.

Storing Backups on a Secure Remote Platform

88% of survey participants noted that they are already using or planning to order BaaS or DRaaS from a cloud service provider in the near future. This will help improve the reliability of backup storage and ensure the rapid recovery of the entire IT infrastructure, or at least its critical parts, in the cloud in case of an emergency.

What is the reality of data recovery?

The picture painted by Veeam is rather grim. According to the company, only 32% of organizations would be able to fully recover even a small stack of servers, and it would take at least one working week to do so. In the most recent test, only 58% of survey participants managed to perform data recovery according to the previously approved plan. Regarding the frequency of tests and updates to the relevant documentation, companies conduct these on average once every seven months. Only 13% of respondents have fully established processes for disaster recovery and switching their infrastructure to a backup site.

Colobridge’s Expert:

“The answer to many of the challenges listed in Veeam’s report could be the cloud: private, public, hybrid, or even multi-cloud, depending on the business specifics, security requirements, and company preferences. At a minimum, the cloud adheres to the concept of ‘taking your data outside the building,’ but it actually offers much more in terms of data protection. It provides not only automated backup creation and recovery tools but also the ability to quickly launch critical IT workloads on a remote site, preventing business downtime. When choosing a cloud service provider, pay attention to their experience, implemented data protection cases, and the availability of services that meet your needs (e.g., BaaS and DRaaS). Always analyze the SLA and consult about developing a suitable disaster recovery (DR) plan for your needs.”

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